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Tools To Help Your Finances

Looking for smart ways to save money? Need to figure out a brilliant investment strategy for the money you have? The wise tips and principles you'll find on these pages will help you decrease your debt and increase your peace of mind.

Sponsored by: Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey is famous for his extremely effective debt relief and financial planning strategies. Hard-headed common sense and a proven system have enabled Ramsey to help millions of people find financial freedom and stability. The Dave Ramsey Show can be heard weekdays at 2PM on our partner in ministry, 1230AM WRBS.

Crown Financial Ministries is dedicated to training you how to handle money according to wise, godly principles. The website contains training resources, tools, and information to assist you in using your money well.

Sound Mind Investing offers trusted and sound investing advice that is easy to put into practice.

Debt Proof Living, formerly "Cheapskate Monthly," is full of clever, real-life tips to help you save money and build a stable lifestyle without giving in to impulse buys and unwise financial decisions.