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Family Life Weekend

Oct 25, 2013 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Dr. Trent is the bestselling author of The Blessing Series and is one of the most sought after speakers on enriching relationships, marriage and parenting. Trent will guide participants as they learn how to bestow "the blessing" on their children and grandchildren. The blessing helps children thrive today and experience an extraordinary future tomorrow. Children of every age long for the gift of "the Blessing" - the unconditional love and approval that come from a healthy relationship with their parents. “John Trent's writing, speaking and counseling skills make him one of the most talented men I know. Everyone who hears John will come away with a deeper understanding of how they can make their relationships stronger and more loving,” says Gary Smalley, president of The Smalley Relationship Center.

Offering solid, practical advice and a fresh perspective on making this gift a bigger part of our families, Trent powerfully communicates these biblically based elements that are necessary to prepare children for positive future relationships, including their relationship with a loving God.

October 25 & 26, 2013

Website: http://www.plymouthhaven.org/events/eventjt.php

Contact Name: Rev. Stephen Foss

Contact Email: info@plymouthhaven.org

Contact Phone: 703-360-4370

Venue Name: Family Life Weekend
8600 Plymouth Road
Alexandria, VA 22308