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"I Gave Up" by Mark Schultz

Mike's Take

My song of the week choice is the new song from Mark Shultz called "I Gave Up."
Mark is an amazing songwriter and once again, he has taken a phrase that sounds like defeat, "I Gave Up," and turned it into something we all should want to shout!  It's about giving up those things that are negative actions - "I gave up criticizing" - or the things that in this life that don't last - "I don't need a house on top of a hill."
We are constantly bombarded with the message that our life would not be complete without "the latest and greatest" things. It's easy to get caught up in this competition as if your success is based on what you own. 
Here's an idea: before you have to make any big purchase, play Mark's song and then make your final decision. You may find yourself smiling and shouting "I Gave Up!"  :-)


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