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"Your Love is Like a River" by Third Day

Jack's Take

“Your love is like a river flowing from my heart.   Your love is like a fire that will light my way.”

I had a very good friend tell me once that God guides us through this life like we were in pitch black crossing a tiny footbridge over a deep canyon with him holding a lantern in front of us.  In this way, we can only see a few feet in front of us.  But, it is just enough for us to take the next step.   If the entire canyon were flooded with light, he knows we wouldn’t take a single step.  

For me, Third Day’s “Your Love Is Like A River” speaks to me loudly right now.   While we live in a world with what seems like an endless supply of darkness and bad news, Third Day reminds us that we have a living Jesus with an endless supply of love and light direct from the Father!   It doesn’t mean we won’t have bad days, bad situations, or face bad people.   Jesus promises us we'll see plenty of those.  However, there is another promise... that he will be with us always!!!  You are not alone today.

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