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"Hello My Name Is" by Matthew West

Tracey's Take

So often we use negative words to describe ourselves. If someone were to hide a microphone nearby and record you for a day, would it record you calling yourself all kinds of names? Things like... You're so stupid. You really screwed up. You're fat, you're incompetent, you're not good enough, etc. You get the picture? 

That used to be me. But I have changed my speech. The Psalmist writes in Psalm 42:5:

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

So he acknowledges his pain and then he speaks out what is true- like he's preaching to himself. 

What we say about ourselves out loud, matters. Our mistakes don't define who we are in Christ. Neither does what other people say. That's why when "Hello My Name Is" comes on, I turn it up and I sing it out loud.  Who am I... on my best day and my worst?

Hello my name is Child of the One True King. That's the truth. 


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"Hello, My Name Is" Lyrics

Hello, my name is regret 
I’m pretty sure we have met 
Every single day of your life 
I’m the whisper inside 
That won’t let you forget 
Hello, my name is defeat 
I know you recognize me 
Just when you think you can win 
I’ll drag you right back down again 
‘Til you’ve lost all belief 
These are the voices, these are the lies 
And I have believed them, for the very last time 
Hello, my name is child of the one true King 
I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, and I have been set free 
“Amazing Grace” is the song I sing 
Hello, my name is child of the one true King 
I am no longer defined 
By all the wreckage behind 
The one who makes all things new 
Has proven it’s true 
Just take a look at my life 
What love the Father has lavished upon us 
That we should be called His children 
I am a child of the one true King


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